...this disk caused a fair amount o' fuss'n palaver when it appeared back around 78,th'newly emerged punkers didn't dig th'angular squonk'n shronk,live wire electric shock guitar noise'n all round arty show-off as it appeared to them...hippys'n college heavy rockers didn't go for it cos it was way too punk,squares didn't know it existed, indeed th'only cats who were gettin' anythin' from it in th'short term at least was a few forward lookin' young jazzbo heads like 'bobo' shaw'n 'blood' ulmer(in th'long term th'post punk movement was taken from this along with equal parts 'ROCK IN OPPOSITION style combos/captain beefheart/avant disco)'4 bands here bein' th'contortions with james chance/teenage jesus with lydia lunch/MARS/D.N.A,each addin' their own individual touch to this new radical departure in th'rock'nroll game,though not so new cos this was part o' a long tradition o' teenagers('n older) pickin' up th'instruments they were drawn to'n could afford'n bangin' out their own version o'what was happ'nin' around them in frantic adrenaline rush'contortions come forth with mutant clangin' funk with JB shrieks all swirlin' round in ever decreasin' circles,teenage jesus provide striped down velvets thud complete with ear scrapin' cymbalringin'/MARS join in with dissonant urban swamp voodoo'n D.N.A complete th'quartet with some clever art bangin' clatter...all th'bands have a careless urgency buildin' all through their contribution,a windin' up o' imaginary coils to be let loose,shudderin' into th'ether, showerin' th'NO WAVE goodness upon waitin' LP full o' back alley rainy night puddles ripplin' round discarded needles that once dispensed low grade government smack, a grimey twilight o' shadows that hold secrets o' escape to unmapped semi conscious dreams...a corner stone o' post punk racket from sonic youth/birthday party/fire engines'n countless funky noise makers to this day,a splatter platter o' bold'n far reachin' proportions...for any cats with th'ears for some noise will wanna freak with wax'n thats no mistake, whats on this disk has'nt really been better'd, even by th' participants, its a happenin sound...


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