...early worm represents th' first recorded output o' neil megson back in 68, up in th'attic o' his parents house with a few o' his layabout friends gettin' busy with some tribal gubbin's, layin' down some meanderin' grooves, some primal thoughts that were outside th' psychedelic guidelines o' th' time'n well outside th' heavy blooze rockin' that was makin' headway through that riotous year...avant garde noodlin' by cats who aint in th' avant discipline, just gettin' on with makin' a noise that somehow follows linear standards without bein' pofaced'n slaveish, a lotta fun was had makin' these sounds, this is obvious from th' start...cacophonous'n cluttered at times yet with th' instruments each bein' subservient to th' others, followin' untutored patterns that come naturally in this small community style format...sometimes a strange ambience comes into play, whilst gleeful campfire singalongs pep up th'preceedin's givin' a close family feel, a warmth thats genuine...givin' a coupla listens brings forth some pertinent socio-geographical observations, namely if these college/cafe hooligans had been hangin' in th' ladbroke grove/nottin' hill arts movement they'd been gettin' some serious action supportin' soft machine at some fund raisin' benefit for I.T magazine'n in turn gettin' groovy write ups in said paper, no doubt penned by deviant mick farren who'd invite them to bring up th'slack at one o' their shambolic outtin's in th' hippy underworld, middle earth woulda got an injection o' wobby avant to liven up evenin's o' blissed light show daliance...durin' th' day a trip down to indica books would most likely bear some HEP fruit in th' style o' gettin' wiggy with paul macca'n suckin' in a heavy fluxus buzz from yoko,all o' which would have resulted in a session at abbey road'n a long play disc on apple(this last part maybe strechin' reality but th' possibilties exist, based on th'events dreamed in awakeness)...cats who dig th' world accordin' to angus macclise, th'cat who left th' velvets cos they were gettin' too commercial by gettin' low pay gigs will dig this free form pile up o' goodness, a sound o' discordance that fitted in easily to th'landscape o'68 when everythin' was up for grabs one way or 'nother...


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