...when george clinton set his peepers on th'MC5 at th'grande ballroom in detroit at th'tail end o' th'60s he knew it was time to update th'soul brother routine'n get with it,get it on as a freak soul brother'n he took it to th'max with some cats as funkadelic,a massive blast o' drugged acid rock searin' through th'psychedelic dungeons for all to hear...righteous mind messin' funk piled high with anger from th'streets,from th'veit-nam jungles,from th'prisons,this was an angry fix, agent orange for th'mind('n body),but most o' all this was(is)life affirmin' hope for all that understood th'old order was corrupt,politics was empty,bereft o' any substance that would enhance th'lives o'ordinary cats...uncle sams autocracy was only interested in th'xeroxed profits it could cheat from citizens blindly followin' th''freedom march' to th'mall,puttin' th'pig on every corner scarein' up th'peoples,floodin' urban areas with bad drugs,killin' th'poor...this is th'third 'delic wax'n possibly th'most fully formed with th'ideas they had at th'time,a perfect meetin' o'gospel/freak formed hambone/spaced out rock'n roll thud/drugged guitar noise/tape samples,all swirlin' in a mind alterin' stew o'karmic brotherhood,wig liftin' feedback batterin' pummel showerin' down mind bombs like th'gunships that roamed high at home'n in th'NAM...a total heavy right-on noise,a true summin' up o' th'times,takin' it to th'streets,drillin' right into th'maggot brain o' super stupid durin' th'ever present wars o'armaggedon...this is remastered'n th'sound is bustin' out,full frontal attack as it should be...


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