...cats who dig th'early free(k)form R&B daze, like up to around th'time shady grove hit th'racks're gonna flip their lid with this double boot'n that ain't no mistake...this was most definitly th'period that counts when it comes to this combo for although it must be said dinos version was a real different proposition, an excellent thing in their own right,but not to be confused with th'ballroom QMS...this here is one hotcha big groove from start to finish (albeit a ruff'n ready listen in a coupla places)...o' top historical import with th'first disk kickin' off with a radio ad for a gig at th'avalon followed up with said show(9/66), well nice...disk one sees th'quicks buildin' up their chops'n th' second is one long journey through th' singular sound that by '68 was patently their own...more top evidence o' a great aggregation who mangled beer joint blooze into chemical alchemy producin' ballroom tribal-psych...does not disapppoint one iota 'n a chippa addition to their canon...


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