...growin'outta th'munich commune scene o' th' late 60s amon duul 2 was th'muso offshoot o' that bongo clangin' tribe amon duul who'd put out one LP from th'massed jams they'd instigated(they'd plunder these jams for more LPs as time 'n record co. moolah permitted)in o' th' great krautrock exponents they put out a cosmic abberation o' underground rock sound, an inversion o' th'yanquee variety o' ballroom psych, this was acid rock with a sting, it upgraded th'amerikkkan template with dronin'avant squeaks/operatic outbursts/chantin'/cyclic off kilter beats/fuzzy skronk guitar slammin', basically throttlin' th'commerciality o' uncle sams tirade over th' european culture...amon duul threw off th'yoke o' bland yanquee imperialism to get busy with a sound o' rebirth, a rediscovery o' self for a generation who'd been lied to by business/TV/teachers, they no longer served an absent master, they were themselves makin' a future sound...locked inside a gothic surround, th'ancient peoples make a noise to call th' faithful, th'desirous ones who need freein' from th' network propaganda peddlin' th'USA commands, freein' from th'mind-stranglin' burble o' 'radio free europe'...crazy patterns dance in th'ether, scatterin' th'liberation seeds that will unshackle th'youth from th'tyrany o' nixonian thought,callin' on jazz'd avant noodlin' mixed in with primordial dislocatin' sloppy vibe,a sensual rush from th'spheres...this was th'sound o' chaos'n riots,a sound o' water cannon'n teargas, th'sound o' revolt against a numbin' mindset, a revolt from style into substance...


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