...second wax from duul2, this time a double to accommodate their expandin'/expansive soundscapes that were rapidly oozin' outta their collective thought patterns,rockin' out in a primitive style yet clearly not a rehash o' beat groups R&B from th'earlier decade, this is 1970 with all th' expectant baggage that entailed, namely progressive rock with a heavy euro bent...avant garde ideas mix it up with dronin' folk fiddlin'/scratchy guitar strummin'/dislocated whistlin'/time slippin' drum beats/operatic vocalizations/modal chants/bursts o' electric string fire, plus who knows what else, every time a cats spins this theres gonna be new noises poppin' up, fresh'nin th'opiated stew'n thats just th' first track...all over this platter theres magnificence, whether it be ancient/modern folk scrapin'n moanin, or poundin' acid rock, th'whole deal shouts to be heard as if knowin' its own importance, an importance that transcends amon duul themselves, they channel a groove from outside knowledge which is somehow sucked into th' duul psyche'n manifested in multi dimensional psychedelic peculiarities...a heavy gloom hangs over th' work, lendin' th'musical backdrop to life in 70s germany, a time o' radical chic/offin' pig-politicians/celebratory bank robbers/self style liberationists'n general paranoia'n far away from th'psychedelic ballroom rock that it springs from yet at th'same time mirrors it through a prism o' positive difference, th' whole shebang takin' off for unknown territory with a torn road map from alien lands...its like a bad drug hangover from acid'n speed coctail, where th'colours flash by in swirlin' spiked ornamentation,full o' danger, th'kinda danger that attracts th' curious into darkened basements o' desire...a journey into inner space whilst ridin' th' subway late at night, full o' shadows'n strange vibes that beckon th'wanderer to enter'n never return, a gateway to th' other side(o' where is always undecided until its too late)...


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