...early 70s detroit'n th'tribe label is set up with th'express purpose o' gettin' a few jams down on tape'n a few joints on th'block,this is flipped cats doin' it for themselves,not workin' for th'MAN...this is jazz from th'bohemian basements in th'weird part o'town,its partly fusion,but not commercial style,just pullin' it from th'air'n moldin' grooves together,weavin' th'tapestry from older fabrics,into th'present'n future,where it will be ready to be rewove into a different style'n sound,th'essence remainin' intact...this compilation was put out late last century'n shows th'true yanquee street jazz scene in th'mid seventies away from th'media capitals'n show biz moolah centers,cats like wendell harrison'n phil ranelin'n doug hammond're allowed to get some seriously spiritual funky spaced out rock fusions jams out into th'open,onto th'street'n round for all th'hep cats to'ghosts'n vibes from 60s pioneers like albert ayler'n john coltrane mix with th'electric miles on th'small stage in th'urban voodoo theatre where hopes'n dreams flourish without hinderance,lookin' ever onward...


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