...bein a radical free thinker ol' charles eventually found himself engaged in a thought control war with th'mind seizure agents o' amerikkka n' at this present juncture that state o' affairs is still fairly ongoin'...back in 68 things were slightly different as he showed forward thinkin' by beatin' all those singersongwriters up in laurel canyon to th'punch by puttin' his thoughts into songpoetry...if'n some kinda wax deal coulda been forthcomin' a lotta cats coulda bein spared from gettin' their lobes infested with th'70's me generation whingers'n whiners that polluted th'airways o' f.m stations across th'planet...this copy is from th'original wax that popped into head shops while th'trials were keepin' th'public elbow deep in salacious paranoia...dig charlies world view'n wonder if he knows more than he should...


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