...layabouts who been keepin' their finger on th'pulse, ear to th'ground 'n peepers on th'long rollin' skies know th' hep sixties started sometime in th'late fifties(if'n not before) 'n by th'early 60s everythin' was in full swing...th'sixties that th' media squares harp on about is th'trendy later days when it was all up for grabs 'n th'geetus mongers were startin' to coin it in, th'real culture had gone underground 'n wouldn't resurface until mid seventies...(as a case in point,this is hyped as early velvets connection with tony conrad/angus macclise sittin' in on cymbals n' drone)...th'disk is soundtrx 'n spoken word blather o' top crazy crazed, camp 'n damaged aural swill from th' 62/4 period, 'n hotcha gibberin' it is too...cats needin' to cop a gap in th'patterns o' reality should cruise on over 'n hang with jack'n her pal francine'n hear th'world from different perspective...


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