Saturday' title trk runs for about forty minutes'n is a heavy cosmic ethno jam that just keeps on goin', into th'ether'n beyond...somewhere out in th' nether reaches o' space its still goin', boppin' th' universe, bein' checked out by space cats from many moons away, way over yonder...guitar/flute/organ/dulcimer plus th'all prevailin' hand drum from angus clatter along on th' ever expandin' journey from inner consciousness to otherness...floatin' down th'dreamtime river,th'sounds washin'up against th' list'ner, purifyin' th' mindsoup with smokes o' wobblyness,never standin'still, always movin' in th'ordained patterns o''rest o' th'disk is similar grooves, th'vibe is cool'n restful,delicate but fired with desire to reach th'furthest points o' imagination...deterge th'soul with flames o' enlightenment as th' misty veil o' livin' is lifted to show th' way to nirvana...


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