...third offerin' from duul2'n this pretty much seals th' deal, whats gonna be happenin' over th'ensuin' years is somewhere to be found on th' space trippin' tanz de lemming, th'ultimate declaration o' intent...th'untrained ear o' th'first two wax gave th'sound impetus, to go further regardless o' technical knowhow, what came out was meant to be from th'riffin' to th'ambience o' th'room, th'complete fractured entity was ordained from a higher source(th'source that gave th'elevators their whole bein',also th'godz another channelin' combo)...again a double wax holdin' some o' th'HEPpest jams from any band gettin' lumped into th''progrock' idiom, it takes amon duul2 into a territory that at th'time was their own...somehow they managed to take th'avant trippy grooves into a hallucinatory sphere that is not easy to define, theres a subtle keenness hidin' under th'doomy vibe givin' hope to th'uncertain times in which they operated(possble police state resurrected to counteract baader meinhof activites)...strange worlds appear'n leave whilst this joint is spinnin',thousand moons cross th'sky in an instant,alien visitors drop by to hang then they're gone, leavin' half awake memories in floatin' dormitories o' th'ever tiltin' mindsoup...waves o' perfect accompaniment to those bonged out afternoons cruisin' th'edge o' flip city lookin' for th'entrance way to play, this waxin' will slip a cat th'secret o' th' sacred keyhole, th' unlockin' o' forever time, to range th'open skies in blissed tranquility, noddin' to t'noodle o' th'mighty duul...


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