...most combos past their prime settle in for th'pension route,puttin' out inferior product,rehashs o' begone glories'n its basically pointless to all but th'band themselves though in their private moments they know its all just fit for th'garbage pail,nothin' more nothin' less...then theres th'MC5'n its obvious that time has rolled on,th'heyday o'complete madness is over but th'job they set out to do has to some degree been accomplished,cats're thinkin'n doin' it for themselves by 1972(th'MAN'n pig lackys're still in charge but times have been a'changin' across th'planet)...recorded live in a studio in france we get th'5 doin' a greatest hits package,but with a difference,th'mighty jams're still bein' kicked out,th'5're rockin' like they do'n th'sound quality is fantastic(relatively speakin',after all this is th'5)...after years o'total whack soundin' boots its real gonesville to get this cranked up high showin' th'5 were no posuers who got lucky,these cats were committed to th'cause o' revolutionary rock'nroll,takin' th'spirit'n madness o' little richard'n mixin' in some spaceways thinkin' o' sun ra'n rollin' th'whole shebang into a phat dooby'n lightin' up with prime era townshend'n moon whoisms...after this everythin' fell apart for th'last time, they would be back in various guises to rock th'kids wherever they need to rock which is everywhere,th'5're alive in high society forever more,th'flame will never go out whilst one true cat believes in th'rama lama fa fa fa...(two early jams're tacked on th'end,just to show how it was'n completin' th'circle,plus makin' it last longer,nice)...


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