...psychedelic underground indeed, th' first issuein's from amon duul that came about from th'reef'red bongo sessions that happen'd in munich 68, th'year o' th'barricades, th' past was rapidly becomin' another country that students world wide were tearin' up their passports from, th'old guard were trashin' th' life from students/workers in various euro locales'n th' duul reflected th' chaos'n carnage in their work,riffs jammin' out th'electric spark thats needed to sustain existence,testifyin' in strange tongue'n th' ever present cosmic bongos givin' up th' trance, invocatin' th' higher bein's...sailin' th'inner high-ways'n by-ways o' th'nervous system th' duul groove ever onward, fluidly traversin' th' LSD plateau with tape cut ups added on for good measure, more disorientatin' shock waves that mirror th'outside' wax is groove heavy with primal thump power, th' bongos drummin' out to call to th' faithful'n any stray converts that come along lookin' for a better way, lookin' for a path into a different future that th' one already mapped out by th' robber barons o' capitalist piggy enterprises...amon duul call for a new pageantry, a splendour full o' beatnik verbiage,only now th' structure o' livin' becomes timeless, poems o' hope stretch out across th'seas to all humanity...'what is now shall forever be' seems th' duul message, that its time to get hip' or else be doomed by th' perpetuel grindin' o' th' machine'n back in '68 this was a very real predicament for free thinkers as well as th' great unwashed...this wax,plus th' follow ups represent a time when rock'nroll was important, it had th' power to shake th'walls o' establishment thinkin', to rearrange th' furniture o' hierarchy'n swim to th' moon with th'always insistant bongo beat...


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