...this buncha reefered out berkeley politico beatnix managed one wax in their short existence from mid71/72 'n they got kinda lucky in hookin' up with marty who was hangin' loose after bailin' from th'plane to get away from th' ego problems some were havin'...they got signed with a major on th'strength o' martys rep cos said wanted th'singer for themselves, but all this shenanigans dont detract from this bein' a fair 'n goodly slice o' early seven oh funky hippie bluesrock with some nice grooves 'n a chippa vibe emanatin' about its presence...some late anti-establishment lyrics add to th' vibe...real nice effort...

...after seducin' th' grootna biscuit marty got back th'urge to do some singin' so he got this new combo together with a coupla cats from th'groots'n a coupla others who were hangin' busy doin' nothin' 'n what happened was a total good blast o' funky hippy R&B...its no real hype to say this is martys finest hour, way better than anythin' done after 'n some debate might be in order (but not right now) as to whether it beats his plane gear cos here we got a solid hep groove goin' 'n no distractions, just way cool tunes with excellent vocal 'n some loose playin' from all concerned...good sound on both these disks add a little more...


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