...double disk o' trippy doodles, guaranteed to flip all cats into th' next dimension with th' total wigginess thats emanatin' in fine style, wobbly'n meltin' into th' ether...grab ahold o' a magic carpet ride through th' gateways o' time to behold mysterious sights'n wonderments...groove down th' mystic highways'n byways, long forgotten by most o' modern humanity to th'place where it all begins, th'source from which ancient vibes radiate their heavy spillage...angus'n friends(inc.tony conrad/john cale) give forth with th'clang'n bang that allow imagination to roam th'deserts, replentished oasis from which th'eternal life springs gush with th'concentratin' power...beatnik poetry that offers new insights into th'universe, differin' ways o' lookin'n thinkin', a thousand years o' language waitin' to reveal their truths, unlockin' th' mysteries from dusty chambers, sweepin' th'fragments into a new whole...unlock th'stars from th'deep space o' timeless nothin',slippin' through th'keyhole to th'wakin'dawn that awaits th'seeker, th'liquid flames offer recompence for th' icy souls that dwell in th'houses o' penniless conformity, catch th'train for th'ticketless ride to th'outer limits, beyond th' imposed boundaries o' a corrupt'n bankrupt society...transcripts from th'gone world, shock waves from flip city edge their way forward ensnarein' th'adventurous ears with floatations in th'calmin' seas, swimmin' in hallucinogenic moonlight...as with all th'maclise disks that have oozed forth into th'atmosphere its a hep gaggle o' beauteous marvels thats needs to be fed into a cats organic wirin' as soon as th'times decree...


Blogger lord haw haw said...

your will be missed, i know i been quiet but over the years i have enjoyed your blog.
take care, lord haw haw

9:57 AM  
Blogger spacedsaviour said...

thanx for your words, arrangements are in place for continuence so all is well...

1:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your tiresome artificial slang makes you an asshole.

6:42 PM  

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