...1980s prison recordin' from charles is a right-on slab o' heavy disturbed back alley blues, th'like o' which dont get seen/heard too often in this air conditioned fluffy bunny would be appropriate to call this work desperate man blooze, no other terminology comes near but it'd be wrong to think that ol' chas is in any way desperate, th'world around is desperate, desperate to know where its goin', desperate in some ways to know where its been with all th' hurly burly back stabbin' th' squares engender for each other...charlies got it all worked out from beginnin' to th'eventual conclusion, its all goin' th' way charlie goes, from here to there'n onward toward whever it might be...this wax sees charlie connectin' th' preceedin' 50 years up into one heavy blast o' backwoods loner stoner trance folk, introspective meanderin's form th' singular mind o' th' last prophet o' th' psychedelic age...on th'surface manson may seem a little off th'beam but th' more a cat looks into this 'nightmare' world th' visions're often near to th' centre o' th' universal thought patterns, th'essence flowin' somehow uphill to higher workin' another parallel trajectory he'd have been president/chairman o' th'board with all his con-man-shoot-from-th'hip-bandido-thinkin' but as it is th'revolution took a side track up bread scramble'ambience o' th'cell makes for some intense pressure givin' th'air a cloudy feel with all th'outside noise breakin' through, th'interminable din o' th' timeless time stretched day but charlie dont get bugged by th' outside cos they're only there if he wants them to be otherwise its charlies dream with all others just passin' by, not even sure they exist if charlie dont want them to...this was a one sided affair with th' B side bein' an etchin' o' one mansons drawins,also in th'package,a photo copy each o' squeaky/sandy with words from th'father plus a badge, rock'n roll from th'bad side o' town, from th'outlaw place, th'wayward territory beyond order...


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