...charlie bein' th' radical free thinker that he is finds that its necessary for th' guardians o' morality to keep him under lock'n key lest th' truths he beholds run amok over th' land'n th' business world finds itself strung up with no means o' exploitin' cash outta th' poor'n needy...bein' uncle sams #1 political prisoner is a heavy responsibility'n charlie puts in a 24/7 work detail, answerin' mail'n takin'/makin' phone calls'n selectin' cats off th' visitin' list he might find interestin'(charlie has th' most correspondence in th' entire yanquee lock up system/most visitin' requests etc, man, its a hard slog but if'n any cats got th' stamina its charlie, livin' free'n easy in his mind, rollin' down hills on horseback'n ridin' dune buggys across th' deserts, speedin' along th' hi-way o' creation, keepin' an eye on th' horsemen o' th' apocalypse)...without th'aid o' special effects'n modern technology gizmos chas is able to be anywhere on th'planet at any given moment, time'n space hold no boundaries for manson, th'physical plane is just an illusion, a trick o' th'light that holds th'great unwashed mesmerized'n hence standin' still but always movin' busy goin' nowhere,yet charlie whilst apparently caged is everywhere,bein' all things to all men, a super star to lonely forgotten teenagers, a demon who haunts th'capitalist dream from th'hollywood hills to th' white house, a sure-fire ratein's grabber for th' TEE VEE moguls, a self perpetuatin' industry that just keeps on rollin', spreadin' out further'n further...this wax taped in th'90s is a few missives from th' philosophical vaults that're stashed securely in th' recesses o' mansons mind, deep from within th' soul charlie free-styles some poetry, goes off on a coupla rants'n tangents out into who knows where, spinnin' around then facin' forward ready to start again chas meanders in'n out, weavin'n bobbin' truths'n realities into th'NOW...reflectin' back at th'system with 'no sense makes sense' charlie walks it like he talks it down th'hallways o' always, comin' from th' light into th'light chas has somehow become th' light itself, a charlatan gangster to sooth sayer,hillbilly rebel car thief to defender o' th' faith,th'father kicks it around for all to hear, signalin' knowledge with irregular parables from th'devils hole, th'very earth speaks from charlie, he channels th'planets fear down th' electric phone wire'n into th'ether...


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