...scratch-o-phobes may wish to up th'medicine dose for this ancient vinyl cos there is a fair few pops givin' it th'authentic feel, an extra tiple or two should see th'pony over th'hill'n into th'valley though cos once a cats got used to th'older list'nin' experience its all hands on deck for a trip to th'west coast early seventies landscape with jack traylors steelwind, a late hippy aggregation whose sole LP was full o' ecological/political commentary all rolled up in sweet jefferson starplane kinda takes a few spins to wring th'juice outta this slab cos th'whole groove is mellow, but not soporific, just flowin' down stream from th' mountains to th'(polluted)sea where oil slicks'n radiated gunk slip by as business gets rid o' th'evidence...not th'greatest platter to emerge but a welcome earfull none th'less, a worthy effort that deserves its place in th'west coast pantheon...


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