...teeterin' on th' brink o' uncertainty, sleepers lurch into th'crash'n burn punk fury o'77 with retarded bowieisms from th' psychiatric ward at some long forgotten outpost o' th'terminal zone...slowly smoulderin' fuses o' bad drug powders, over doses o' seconals'n cheap beer,keep this in th'hypnotic dreamscapes from a yet to come cemetery o' zombies destined to wander aimless in th'ethereal other world...its th'thin white dukes punk'd-out shadow at th'back alley lounge, fulla junkie haze'n rejected alcoholic shamblers spinnin' stories o' high improvable impossibilities'n down right untruths...a definitely unsteady pulse keeps pluggin' away with a constant willin' to get to a designated end, to keep on th'right path, never stray to far from th' pure essence o' cool deranged rockin', a kinda less bad tempered flipper,less aggravation than flipper gave out...this cd bein' a compilation o' their oeuvre in chronological order theres a discernible progression o' ideas,(maybe in some minds not for th' better but not as bad as some combos pretense o' movin' forward, theres still a drugged looseness spewin' forth)even reachin' into an ash ra temple cyclic repetitive groove with some joy division weariness headin' to th' werewolf castle o' pre-gothyness(san francisco post hippypunk goth, not northern england grey satanic mills style angst)...whilst pushin' th'then boundaries o' accepted underground stylin's, sleepers keep th' sludge blooze o' earlier combos such as blue cheer'n mount rushmore alive albeit in a wildly differin' form...


Blogger RickK said...

sleepers are great, as are ricky's next band, toiling midgets. I just wish there was more of Ricky's work out there

8:31 AM  
Blogger spacedsaviour said...

toiling midgets first LP can be found at
well worth some attention from any cat lookin' for th'right noise to enable a cool loiter...

9:41 AM  

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