Monday we are in 2006 with charles givin' out some insightful abstractions from th'olde world inky ticker-type tape that flows through his ever alive ever movin' mind banks, th'flickerin' inner screens o' mansons imagination're always on, they never sleeps, th'batteries're on fully charged 24 hours a day...pollution is uppermost on charlies list o' wrong doin's th' boss-man's gonna have to pay for, th' squares have just got to stop runnin' around like headless chickens destroyin' everythin' that gets in th' way o' their TEEVEE regulated existence'n listen to th'sound o' th' truth, th'truth from on high, th'truth that aint gonna go away...mansons very passionate about th'state o' things, th'ruination o' nature for profit'n gain, he's not happy about th' corporate filth that're screwin' up th' planet for pure unadulterated greed...indeed chas is heavily buggin' about th'way its all goin' downhill at an alarmin'ly rapid rate that aint gonna slow up until th' brakes're slammed fully into seems a cats gotta get back to an earlier time or lest tomorrow is eternally lost, gone forever in a strangulated haze o' gasoline fumes'n cleanin' products...


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