...boyds first LP recorded sometime durin'75 'n released in some small quantity like 85 disks in plain black sleeve that was designed to be played at 16/33/45/78(cats with th'adventurous/mischievous ear could always mess with th' speeds durin' list'nin' process therefore allowin' for even more annoyance/fun)...made up o' treated loops 'n fragments o' parts o' old records this is avant garde more than anythin' 'n doesn't approach th' constraints o' rockmusic (specially th'mid seventies variety)...if it hadn't been for his association with throbbing gristle 'n re/search magazine its fairly safe to say that he would not have achieved fame 'n infamy on a worldwide underground level for his noise/philosophy...as bein' th'disk that kicked off a thirty('n countin')year career its possibly th'purest distillation o' his art which seems to be that o' freein' th'mind'n will 'n th' drones 'n trance that appear here certainly can be mindalterin' in 'n organic psychedelic way...


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