...more tranced out weird beard freakiness from th' maclise cupboard o' inter transportation devices, again more dronin' organ blasts'n electronic noodle ooodles to put bubbles in th'karmic soup bowl...gettin' busy with th' cyclic doomy organ rotations angus propels a cat into th'enlightenin' beams that lurk at th'end o' ancient tunnels,enablin' contact with superior forces, reachin' out to th' higher bein's...sometimes electronic doodles oodle into th' noodle ticklin' th'synape with karmic feathers, strokin' delicate but stutterin' fingers across th'blankets that cover consciousness, pullin' back th'security o' known worlds...drummin' to th'infinite ones, th'all seein' bein' who command th'HEP world, th'kings o' th'back alley beatnix,th'floaters on th'never endin' voyage o' th'infinte nano second that determines th'NOWness o'NOW...cats sittin' in th'crossed legged position, cozyin'up to th'egoless oblivion will dig th'vibrations o' forward motion whilst in th'stationery predisposition, givin' th'concentric th'advantageous start to willin' correspondence with th' elders from eternal dreams...


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