...dig this for some synchronicity that ain't standin' in no garden o' eden nor in th'devils hole with a dune buggy parkin' lot'n some drag racin' circuit for th' apocalypse, this is produced by gregg jakobson who spent more than reasonable time at th' manson family enclave soakin' up th'revolutionary vibe that was happ'nin' at th'forward thinkin'end o' th'free(dom) movement,th'radical product o' TEEVEE generated radiation corporate product...after gregg had th'end period on charlies hopes for laurel canyon poet incarnate ideas he turned his attentions to another wordsmith o' hippydom'n got busy producin' norman who had an unexpected flip out smash around th' planet with this LPs title track...theres alot o' groovy right-on feelin' on this platter that is th'reflection o' early family commune, full o' fun'n lost psychedelic vibes that can spread across th' dusty cortex givin' life where th'society pressures had put th' kibosh on th'mansion o''fact that this album sounds better today than it did back in th'day is some kinda bewilderin' reversal for th'conspiracy theorists to get a bead on; is this th'commercial end o' san-fran micro bus wanderin', is this th'new jesus papers that was goin' in charlies direction, him bein' looked upon as th'new messiah by th' lonely daughters o' mediocrity, th'destroyed offspring o' society who took th'smilin' advantages o'th'hippy mindset that spread to receptive it even fair to lump greenbaum into th' ever spreadin' netherworld o' reverse collapse that th' leadin' lights o' capitalism seem to ignore, will th'new incumbent o' th' white house ignore th' callin' from yesterday that is shoutin' louder than th'big bang, should normans disk be mandatory list'nin' for all unbeleivers who beleive in th' unbelievability o' believin'(whats goin' on here, is this real)...this disk is cooler than it should may seem, th' groove slips in th' back door o' todays nasty corrupt ensiezure that masquerades as society, get a cool buzz with th'cat from th' chicken farm, th'farm that charlie coulda had, but th'gods had other plans for th'courier o' th' truth...


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whats with the obsession over manson?

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