...this manchester gig that was for so long misrepresented as th'albert hall 26/05 gig has been put out by officialdom'n that surely was a welcome day but theres plenty to recommend with this double boot, not least bein' that it didn't generate more revenue for th'capitalist state in th'form o' tax to be wasted by th'least qualified to do such'presence on this version is seemin'ly more upfront,th'list'ner is closer to th'amped up bard o' th'rock generation,th'zimm is gettin' mighty close on these'tension on th'second disk is felt more than on th'official release,no doubt some conscious tamperin' by bean counter lackys comes into play as is often th'way these days when homogeneity is rife, blandness is th'panacea for what ails th'world...this must be seen as th'real version,th''counter culture' o' th'60s is takin' form right here on this night'n is dispensed once more on this disk,a gateway to another time,when discovery was th'watchword,'n a lotta squares discovered they didn't like this noisy zimm, this outta control psychedelic avenger who was inventin' th'future in th'NOW...desolation row was a real place/feelin' in manchester for more than one night, th'decayin' city was passed its prime,'n th'weirdness was in th'air as despondency breeds madness in many forms...quite fittin' that th'RAH gig was not this performance cos th'out-to-lunchness here comes not from a swingin' capitol city but a forgotten city, where real culture lives or dies,not dictated by whim o' fashion or whatever th'system has for its latest sale...


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