...rod th'mod,th'small faces(minus steve)with woody equals one hotcha rockin' combo frothin' with good vibes'n imbibes comin' on strong in santa monica late 1970...fashioned in threads from th'west london boutiques, showin' off their velvet funky finery they get down to th' order o' th'night, throwin' out R&B shoutin'n slide guitar moans laid over some reefered beer soaked country soul-rockin'...this will bring good cheer to embolden th'wine soaked spirit o' cats ready to succumb to th'new fundaments o' th'grooved up barroom rover...these cats got totally into th'GET BACK grooves that were goin' on with th'fab4/stones/humble pie, a return to no gimmics rockin', all th'psychedelic embroidery o' th'last coupla years had been striped away by bob'n th'band at th'big pink basement'n with th'fabs lookin' in a more roots direction in a last ditch attempt to stay together th'faces got right into this 'new' loose jammin' takin' cats back to th'earlier club days but in less dance regulated form...minglin' folk/blues/rock'n roll into a beery singalong th'faces caught on fast with live audiences out for a cool rockin' time'n this boot comes straight from an original TMoQ vinyl complete with some light wear'n tear as befittin' a biscuit that has supplied many beer'n bong late evenin' sessions with a funky soundtrk...dig th'ol'london towne blooz as it ventured westward once more to spread th'message o'theres good rockin tonight...


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