...1965'n th'folk revival had just about run its course what with th'fab4 tearin' up th'rule book'n bob zimmerman gettin' busy fryin' his circuits'n spreadin' th'new plugged in far out rock poetry that will have th'newly emergin' hippy nation flippin' its collective lid...released in that same year was judys second effort that shows she had th'potential to get as well known as joan baez/judy collins given th'chance, great vocal style used to sing country blues with effectual jazzy backin'...earlier she'd hung round greenwich village'n made th'scene at folk festivals'n travelled to england where she was warmly received but she kinda abandoned folkyness'n in th'early 70s got together th'long forgotten 60,000,000 buffalo that put out a long player'n promptly disappeared...cats who dig th'more funky'n real folkies like karen dalton'n fred neil will get a cool buzz from this outstandin package o' goodness...


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