Sunday'biffertys one'n only LP is a magnificent piece o' art pop recorded durin' th'last months o' 1967 but not released until th'followin' summer when th'style o' clever whimsy was fallin' outta style with th' hippys, th'fashion was for heavier blooze jammin', interminable boogie was th' new upcomin' thing...all th'tracks have something to recommend them, be it unusual changes,prepared piano noise, or just all round good sound/songs...some o' these tunes come somewhere near to early prog vignettes, leavin' th' 67 summer psych excesses in th'dust, this aint no airy fairy cream tea sike by a long chalk, theres much solid groundin' here, a fine effort that could have stood as a base for more expansive work...this is a double cd offerin' includin' singles/bbc sessions/plus their outin' as heavy jelly producin' th' mildly famous eight minute single that got them some exposure in th' music press...all in all a fabulous groove that today stands up well, much better than a lot o' stuff from that kaftan encrusted era...


Anonymous frank said...

Thanx spaced this disc is an excellent one--this blog never fails to astound and amaze..

3:26 PM  

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