...this second poneys wax is a dead cert for bein' produced by andy loog in another universe, parallel or otherways...harpsichords agogo, in a very tasty way...funky hep chamber-music for spring evenin's in long gone days when such things were possible...some good artpop use o' sixty-stereo-arrangements'n muted orchestral vibes help move into pop-ballads a coupla times 'n th'2-part title song is a beautiful trancy-beatnik folk floater, well eastern 'n hepcity for '67... (on collector/seller lists(without th' known involvement o' linda) this would be overhyped-otherworldy- psychedelic but that well may be th' case in this instance, such is th' righteous groove this imparts)...th' pop hit on th'citizen charts with different drum marked th'destiny for these baskethouse folkies 'n popstardom came to one o' em sometime later, but effectively puttin' paid to any real hep art-pop-double-wax these cats coulda had...very nice 'n widely unheard due to its future destiny, 1year after release,with th' cutout bin, 'n coz its th' way o' th'order, brokedown hepcats with a peeper on what coulda been in that parallel universe get to hear it'n all is as it should be...th' topsy turvey hope'n substance meets th'manisfestation for all who beleive, well formed grist that repays forever 'n dont disappoint in stormy weather...


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