...who'd have thought,back in th'day that iggy would come to exemplify th'mass media image o' rock'n roll, th'cat th'squares hated with vengeance, surely th'stooges were too avant/outta control for mass consumption, their very image producin' shudders from all lilly livered hippys/FM radio/hit parade magazines, all th'natural enemies o' heavy swill rockin' theres gotta be some cats lurkin' out there, livin' in th'twilight shadows, crawlin' through th'back alleys(real or imagined, it dont matter)th' terminal rockin' cats gettin' all hot'n bothered'n draggedout that th'mighty roar o' th'IG'n stooges gettin' turned into radio friendly hard rock with all th'revisionist remasterin' jiggery-pokery thats been happ'nin' in th'last years need only set th'ears no further than this screach powered boot...drums thumpin' in'n out, bass boomin', guitar squealin',feedback shattered, vocals disappearin'n general hectic audience participation make these recordin's a must for early admirers of th'detroit racket...needs to be played th'usual way with this swill; through cans with th'volume on stun...
trx1/6-keil auditorium, st louis may 71
trx7/8-crosley field, cincinnati 70
trx9/10-wamplers lake 68...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

link ?

7:31 PM  
Blogger spacedsaviour said...

in th'txt...

7:23 AM  
Anonymous dray said...

godhead sir godhead

1:51 PM  
Blogger Weekend Hippie said...

Thanks for this posting.

I lived in Detroit up til the mid 70's, and I feel lucky to have experienced the whole late 60's Detroit Rock sound. Alot of great original bands came out of that time that never got the notoriety or success I believed they deserved.

I saw the Stooges numerous times in all sorts of venues. The band (originally known as The Psychedelic Stooges) played the Grande a lot. Iggy (or as we called him 'The IG-STER') was out there from the get go. He quickly established himself as the most bizarre in the late 60's music scene in Detroit. Shirtless in those hip hugger jeans I remember him playing the Grande one night saying 'We wanna play you a song called "I wanna Piss in your face" (never recorded). Towards the end of the set he climbed up on the double high electrovoice PA speakers, then jumping 25 feet down into the crowd. And THIS was in 1968!

About the bands "live" sound, the stooges or the five were never known as Musician's Musician, but of course it was all about the raw energy. The late 60's Stooges had a unique sound. A late friend of mine called Ron Ashton "The pissiest guitar player ever"! But seeing them "live", the bottom fell out during the guitar solo's. You just heard a very low bass and tom-toms during the guitar solo's. Musically they were a trio, but the band were no Cream when it came to filling up space. However when they got into the recording studio for their 1st lp their sound took a giant leap.

It's always great for me to hear and see bands now lauded as "Ahead of their time". To fans in the Detroit late 60's they were unique and loved. Outside the area... they were often branded talentless. Somehow the IG-STER managed to find gig's and keep it together until he was finally recognized.

Thanks again, and I remind you that no matter how old you are, keep kickin' them out!!!

2:03 PM  

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