...formed sometime in early 67 andromeda're a real good example o' th'changin' face o' undeground sound in th'transisional years 67/70 when psych whimsy replaced th' freakbeat,heavy blues replaced psych'n mixed itself in with some jazz ideas to begat th' misunderstood genre prog-rock(when a cat gets down to it prog was ruined by yes'n other college boy fantasies that spoke o' elves'n fairies in a definitely non psych manner),after prog which hung around forever it was all heads to their own discretion, punkhippy/hippypunk bein' th'best route outta th'seventies...gettin'back to th'wax in question, andromedas LP was released in 69 with a nice street level power trio blast o' heavy blues proggin' with some 67 style vocal arragements givin' it a more rounded sound, bringin' in th'past to soften th' present'n make way for th'future, a nomadic eye on th'older times whilst headin' for an uncertain tomorrow...theres a couple o' semi-lengthy suites givin' off th'classical ideas that early prog latched onto, th'popular soundin' light classics that actually hark back to th'beginnin' o' th'20th century with pastorial meets metropolitan vibes, th'urban scene gently eats th' countryside as modern industry marches ever onward, filled early prog with an embroidery that was too fine to last, it had to be replaced by bombast on a purely hellish ELP stance(nothin' intrinsically wrong with ELP bombast when restricted to th' first 4 albums but then it got too stupid for its own good)' light classic approach is th'way these cats envisioned it, bein' able to pump up th'sound with modern ampage took th' light outta classics anyway so th'real way to dig prog is most assuredly with bands such as this(unless its jazz prog then another startin' point must be found with jools/brian auger type R&B proggy jazzbo)' whole vibe is one o' forward motion, but a motion that is countenanced by caution, probaby caution in th'fact that uncharted territory is bein' explored by new recruits, cadets on th' maiden voyage to th'next plateau where th' watchword is change, further interminglin' o' ideas that will eventually get too complicated to stand up'n prog will lumber under its own unnecessary weight, but now with andromeda we see prog with everythin' to live for, everythin' to aspire to without any pretense, without commercial leanin's...cats who dig th' elias hulk/czar style heavy blooze splat might wish to more than dig this, its th'sophisticated elder cousin(sophisticated bein' in relative useage only), th'cousin with examination papers marked with a pass(only just, but a graduation all th'same),a mild complication o' ideas all brought into line by th'moldin' o' psych learnin' on a substantial blues footin', a groundin' from which to fly, a nest that can supply sustenance'n energy for th' long trip to unknown days...andromeda're most likely better than th'LP shows due to studio conditions, conditions that flumox many cool combos to th'point o' freezein' up,but th'evidence on display can only give testimony to some new creativity, a new spark from th'old rocknroll fire, ashes refurbished with th'strike o' one last match,th'match that relights embers o' lost chords...


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