...summer 1976'n punk is makin' inroads with layabouts, hooligans'n general thrill seekers across ol'london towne...this tape comes from th'screen on th'green cinema appearance o' malcolms young hopefuls as they top th'bill'n its only a couple days away from th'100club festival that will finally prove that th' punk phenomenon is here to stay, though o' course not entirely in this D.I.Y state(d.i.y will still exist'n mutate'n gather other free minded individuals in a snow ballin' o culture to sit as inspiration to comin' generations, but they will take th'inspiration'n grab th' cash'n get ripped off by corporate scum who always move in for th' kill)th'pistols got some grief from squares in th'media as bein' some kinda puppets,under some svengali teddy boys control, but th'truth is really th' other way round, they were takin' advantage o' th' late late hippy days, by usin' malcomes bread'n stealin' guitars from those awfull instrument emporiums that think they're high'n mighty flyers in th'rock game, hustlin' gigs on th' stealth, by invasion, street level layabout gypsy rock'nroll...gettin' down to cases'n logically thinkin' this through it could be th'gig that sponsored th'end o' punk, dig th' line up, th' big three? before th' jam entered with their brand o' hyped up super rock'n roll rhythm attack'n take it too th' hit parade'n stay as frequent visitors, not just popular gimmics, no one hit wonder status for'cinema that hosted th'event was an independent liberal concern but as all cats know th' independent liberal is often just a cover to contain th' ego greed o' a genre capitalist, this bein' th'art/culture genre, an area populated by scammers'n theives, liars o' upmost ability to convince...throbbin' gristle would debut a few months later at th'ICA, an avant liberal art spot, though gen p. has managed to scam th' scammers quite a bit o' th' time, a nice exercise in avant/hippy/punk freeloadin' on behalf o' bohemiam cats everywhere givin' inspiration for th' truth to break through, to unbind th''sound aint th'best but better than some pistol boots plus turnin' th'thing up to stun(as often is th' way, sometimes th' only way) will help create th'long hot punk summer when hope was again in th'air,a new groove was busy bein' born,'n busy dyin', maybe bein' cocooned for a more presenatable facade(boomtown rats come to mind, herky jerky new wave chancers, disguised as punkers, pajamas bein' a radical look in ireland in all possibilty)...grab some cheep speed'n a few beers, mellow a trifle with th' reefer, safety pin this to th'stereo'n history will be (no)fun...


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