...this boot marks th'end o'bobs world tour in th'spring o' 66, recorded at th'royal albert hall in london 26/7th may'n sees bob'n th'band exhausted after months o' chemical indulgence,minds bein' rewired to th'limit,th'nervous system taken to extremes with amphetamines'n visions unseen for centuries appear when in th'midst o' communal hotel room acid this time th'first half o' th'year was but a blur, a hazy memory o' towns'n cities scattered along th'lost'n never endin' hi-way o' th'imagination...this tour had turned into some kinda shamanic exercise, each day bringin' new plateaus o' weirdness, each higher than th'last, until it was too hard to know where th'beginnin' ended'n th'end began,th'ripples o'madness were ever widenin', engulfin' everythin' in sight, th'tour became more wobbly, th'floors on which existance stood was disappearin' from under their feet,th'fabric o' reality,torn into many hundreds o' pieces would never again be th'same, th'jigsaw o' life would never fit together easily anymore, th'shapes had been remodeled'n th'picture was now so very different...travellin' high above th'radar, journeyin' ever onwards through th'dark midnight, goin' spaceways to th'centre o' th'mind, th'zimm finally touched down in london towne for two sold out gigs, tickets goin' to every beatnik with th'bread, to every would be college poet'n a few with enough sense to sneak tape recorders in...both these disks come originally from vinyl sources'n as such have th'attendant scratch'n pops,but th'grail in th'grooves far outweighs any surface noise'sound is surpisin'ly full (coupla dropouts notwithstandin)'n dylan comes right out into th'room,reachin' out across th'decades to touch th'list'ner once more with th'ghosts o' electricty...


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