Friday goes without sayin' that outside his endevours with jeff beck/th'faces,rods early solo joints're th'best work he's done'n by smiler things're gettin' fairly mundane though still list'nable(its all a matter o'degree'n tolerance threshold for whoevers givin' this gear an earful)'first wax were fulla funky folky rockin' grooves with rod shoutin' his R&B croak over th'top givin' th'disks a swagger that was lost as th'70s wore on but these initial outin's were urban folkrock for a new generation o'clubbers lookin' for th'real deal....boozed up swashbucklin' with a tremendous cavalier attitude to diction give these rod jams th'urgent singular vibe that caught on with underground heads aswell as th'great unwashed who gave him some chart success...this hit record status over th'next few years into th'mid 70s'n beyond unfortunately turned rod into a capitalist puppet churnin' out bad disco'n ruinin' his reputation as 'one o' th'lads' that had endeared him to so many in th'earlier days...but for now its just time to get on board'n take th'tracks to where th'good times endlessly flow from wine'n reefer'n a decent song, th'cafe hooligan entwines with th'late night vines, chipper as it should be...


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