Saturday' four trx here were released as th'bonus disk on bobs lucifer risin' soundtrk some time back 'n it's been rebooted under its own' first two cuts are with th'orkustra'n are good examples o' ballroom freakrock but th'downside is they only last 6/7minutes...much better is th'next halfhour jam from th'magic powerhouse o'oz taped in th'media summer o' love 'n show some forward thinkin' psycho-ballroom trance blare with heavy jazz squawk weavin' around, not new as such but theres hardly a trace o' rnb in th' mix 'n that was new coz classical euro thinkin' was in th'ascendancy with avant thinkers in th''fact o' th'matter is that this is pretty much out front'n in th'lead when it comes to th'frisco acid bands, if'n they coulda stayed together they'd be seen as early jazzrock fusion cats pioneerin' new space jammin' underground noise...last trk is th' freedom orchestra made up from cats stranded up th' river in th' joint 'n shows bobs music still in th' heavy frisco jam style but movin' on developin' th'ideas with electronics 'n some krautrock structures(which in themselves originally were a warped reflection/reaction to ballroom/jazz jams)...a nice quick cash in tour o' ten years o' bobbys ideas in th' music world 'n clearly shows if'n he hadn't got involved in extra-curricular activity he'd come to prominence as a fusion cat,though that line o' endeavour may have watered down his ideas as evidenced by most o' th'other jazzbos corrupted through industry machinations 'n th' like that went down in th'later seventies 'n on to present day...


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