...back in th' late six-ohs high up in laurel canyon th'idea o' rekindlin' th'past into new ways o' thinkin' was takin' off, due in no small way to those zimm basement tape tunes floatin' on th'ether around hep pads...this bein' part o' th'hollywood area in geographical location 'n happ'nstance with cowboy programs/propaganda flix/censored news all pourin' into th'civilians vision/mind it seemed th'way back/forward was to graft country(th'sound o' th'enemy/older folks) music onto some folkrock/blooze spillage to bring about a new blue-collar sound that would unite kids'n squares against th'real opposition, th' military machine that was killin' many abroad'n at o' th'first canyon efforts was lindas solo foray away from arty-folk into a roots amalgam o' honkytonk/nashville/rockpop with some fine funky playin' by all concerned...better than many have tried to persuade, this is still a long way from stylish asylum coke tuneage...her waxin's around th' early 70s were a real nice gloop o' honky-rock-country-tonk before that trend homegenized into thin weak blandness 'n finally disappeared into nothin'...


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