...summer 78 sees sid gettin kinda busy bein' th'frontman(as opposed to th'spectale)with gigs in london'n NYC with backin' cats th'calibre o'rat scabies/glen matlock/mick jones/jerry nolan at th'different venues...this exploito has a great cover ripped off from maxs kansas city LP with sids name in heavy metal font plus sid tryin' to get to grips with his given axe...over two days in september sid played four sets at maxs'n two o' them are stapled onto this coaster with th'combo firin' through stooge swill/dolls splat 'n a fine noise it is too...sids pretty together most o' th'time careenin' around givin' th'toppin' to this cool sleaze-arama'n a proper vibrant addition to any cats pile o' street trash...


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