Friday out kids, arrivin' from deep, deep within' th' slime ridden murky depths o' th' psychedelic rock'n'roll basement, comin' slowly up from buried under megatons o' sweet smoke, equiped with gigantor riffs heavier than th'universe 'n almost certainly louder than god...repellent ugly primordial noise from before th'dawns o' time,before th'formation o' solid matter, breakin' through into th' 7th dimension th'worlds collapse from th'immense power o' th'wizard...blastin' inward towards th'centre o' th'cranial matter, a cats gonna get a mad whoosh from bein' exposed to th'poisonous sludge that drips from th'speakers...once again th'commandment from on high is this disk to be played at stun volume or higher...


Anonymous dray said...

the wizard rock...


1:48 PM  

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