...here's where pbs get picked up by a major 'n take on th' pressures involved in that onerous task known as workin' th'marketplace...toms solution to such wouldbe rigors is a set o' mournful soundin' minstrelsy ensurin' that only th' most dedicated countercultural hepsters will ever bother themselves to pick this wax up...as with all PBS th'more spins a cat gives to th'disc,th' more is released...good sound on this platter which made a change at th'time from th' experimental avant pressin's e.s.p disk liked to get busy with...also some cats may wish to know th'hype sheet that came with this says 'this album is so good th'pearls could become more popular than john lennon'...some rec.co. suit gettin' hopeful in a very unorthodox fashion, calmness was not in th'forefront o' thinkin' that day, though its most likely he hadn't actually heard th' disc or even knew o' whom he was writin', such was th'tenuous need for correct copy write skills apparently...


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